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Welcome To Little Leaf Daycare

With a philosophy based on both play based learning and Montessori, Little Leaf Daycare aims to find a balance that provides a safe, fun, and educational environment for all children.

Our goal is to provide children with the opportunity to sit with an educator for one-on-one academic lessons, while also allowing them the freedom to learn through play in other areas of the classroom. We know that children learn best when they are able to take breaks, and come back with renewed focus and energy. Through offering a blended approach, we are able to support different learning styles and provide children with a greater range of opportunities for success.

Our three locations feature a range of program options to help meet the needs of every family. Choose from 2 days, 3 days, or 5 days a week.

About Us (Mississauga)

Testimonials From Parents

Little Leaf Daycare has given us a great preschool experience. Not only do the teachers provide a wonderfully nurturing and safe environment, but the educational curriculum is thoughtfully planned out to expose the children to an incredible range of topics and experiences. 

My children are learning the traits of good citizenship and my daughter willingly cleans up after herself and treats others with kindness and respect for the most part! Lol. We have been so pleased with the quality of the Little Leaf Daycare experience!

The school is the closest environment to having your children at home but with many more opportunities to learn, grow and blossom as individuals. 

 - Caroline and Simeon. 

My son was at a corporate daycare with multiple locations prior to Little Leaf Daycare and our experience there was terrible. So we were anxious when we transitioned our son to Little Leaf, but we are so glad we did!! He loved it! Prior to Little Leaf he would cry everyday at drop off, not wanting to go and after we switched, he jumped into the supervisor's hands and didn't look back. He was always so happy to go there.

The staff are very friendly, reliable and professional. He felt very welcomed and we felt confident that he was getting great care. Since he started going to Little Leaf, my mind was at ease. The staff also posts lots of pictures and updates during the day so we can see what our little one has been up to!

 - Kate

Deciding on the right daycare can be a huge decision, which is why we recommend Little Leaf Daycare to all our neighbors! We share in Little Leaf's believe that, children have the right to quality care, which is safe, healthy and provides learning opportunities promoting growth and development. Lauren and her team are caring, fun, supportive, and very committed to safety, which is why we can’t wait to expose our second son to all that Little Leaf Daycare has to offer!

- Joana and James 

Testimonials (Mississauga)
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